Horrible Holidays: 2021 Movie List. ABSOLUTE TERROR.

here’s a list for you, of movies, to chill your blood to, (before you drink it) as this festive Halloween (the December one) goes on and 2021 (the year of much more death in the UK and elsewhere) comes to a close!

1. The Wailing (2016) Wow.

2. uh,

3. Another Movie

4. Let me think

5. Malignant (2021, our featured image) was okay, good. but I think maybe I cooled on it since I saw it. Fun movie if you don’t take it serious like. real twisty. It was a big year for red lights in movies remembering the 70s/80s corresponding with women trapped inside of ideas.

6. They Look Like People (don’t remember the year (2015?)) I am currently watching this, as I write this. It’s not super gripping… yet, I think intentionally so, or… it’s like, if I paid more attention to it it would fill out because it focuses on the terror in the moments of silence. The main guy is kinda hot. Something weird is going on. I think this movie would be better if the two guys were gay.

7. The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976) really gripped by this one, one of the few where I couldn’t look away. Jodie Foster masterclass in being precocious and thrilling surrounding set up and focus on the confidence and terrors of kids who know too much.

8. I am roasting Brussel Sprouts, that’s not a movie. Pulse (2001) don’t look at your screens kids. It was a strong year for watching scary ghosts in unexpected places stuff. a couple of the year’s releases got that feeling too…

9. Old (2021). Funny beach movie

10. In the Earth (2021) Ben Wheatley doing a folk horror/psychedelic thing, small and in the forest. He does like a fucked up married couple does our ben and also High Rise is good.

11. um, High Life (2019?, Claire Denis) what a good movie, space breeding horror with Robert Pattinson

12. The Brood and Rabid (1970s), are really worthwhile early Cronenberg, have that washed out Canada on location thing going on like Scanners.

13. Candyman + A Quiet Place part 2 (2021) are like ones I would recommend for an okay time at the movies which is spooky enough but less impactful than their prequels despite (or maybe down to) all of the hype around them.

14. I had to turn off the sprouts and there’s a scary bit in this movie about people looking like people happening. Censor (2021) that’s a fricken good one my god, red lights galore too. Love some more VHS tapes, just as they turn up in Malignant and VHS 94 (another chilling collection from the VHS series of movies about VHS tapes).

15. oh The Night House (2020), that’s about people dying and the stuff left behind in unpleasant ways and the main performance is excellent. (more red lights)

16. Saint Maud (2019/20?) WATCH this one, wow really great lesbian/holy terror movie. The Power (2021) has a similar vibe as a British nurse movie, more of a period piece and like, a couple points below Saint Maud, but very good too.

17. Knife + Heart, (recent) this one rules

18. fell asleep there… still finishing this one about people. Godzilla Vs Kong (2021), what can I say, it’s Godzilla versus King Kong, ever heard of them.

19. Audition (199?) fun movie. Crawl (2019) unexpected pairing.

20. Doctor Sleep (director’s cut) (2019) This was better than I expected, like sitting down and eating a really big and satisfying sandwich.

21. uh The Wolfman (2010) this one is like having a nap on a Sunday afternoon after lunch at your grandparents. too long, too dour, too odd. Same for Crimson Peak and The Babadook (mid 2010s) actually… 6 or 7/10 all round. delightful.

22. Pretty Bad but Still Movies that may or may not be worth your time like 2 and a half stars, like put it on for a laugh – Halloween Kills, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Last Night in Soho (more red lights in this film), Shadow in the Cloud (2020-1)

22. I think that’s the sum of it. I liked this year in spooks and ghouls personally and all these other movies from other years only show how deep and rich a library of horrors and thrills we have across the world. Love to you and now I gotta find out if the things that look like people are at my door…

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